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Our Story

Our project hopes to tell the story of one of the most influential companies in mankinds history, Pan-Dem Incorperated. Our project will trace the companies history from it's origins during the dawn of man to it's future role in the coming apocalypse. 

The cast for "The Re-Enactment Project" is as follows:

Masa Gibson as Samael Morningstar

Abby J Smith as Uriel

Keith Hadad as The Son

Michael Donato as The Father

The Team:

Michael Watson: Writer, Director

Julianne Cort: Producer, AD

Nick Ljubicich: Producer, Web Designer/Manager

Luis De Tagle: Director of Photography

Caroline Percello: Comic Artist

Basir Kahn: Graphic Designer

The Impact

Our goal through making this project is to tell a story about a company that has given so much to the human race, but still remains largely anonymous. We hope to promote awareness of this bureau, that has been behind all of mankinds greatest achievements.

What We Need & What You Get


Talent - $305

Location - $120

Food - $669.55

Production Design - $275.78

Transportation - $160

Makeup - $30

Festival Costs - $300 (TBD)

Dolly - $1698.06

Campaign Perks - $500 (TBD)

Artwork/ Comic Art - $320

Website Maintenance - $101.13

Total: $4,479.52

***NOTE: we are only asking for a portion of our budget in this campaign

And what do YOU get out of all of this you ask? SWAG! With your donation you are eligible for some production swag (DVDs and care packages!)

Other Ways You Can Help

Thank you for checking out our page and reading the project info. Help us get the word out! Send out our campaign to your family and friends, and IndieGOGO has made it easy with a multitude of share buttons underneath our video.

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