Pan-Dem Productions

Similar to Pan-Dem's long history of delivering humanity it's trademark freedom, our production branch, Pan-Dem Productions, is committed to bringing important stories to life. 

To Fall and Be Free

Samael Morningstar, a very committed angel working in Heaven, becomes increasingly frustrated with his desk job monitoring Eden. Constantly having his own ideas shot down by upper management, Morningstar finally decides to take things into his own hands. 


Professor Dan Spencer is lost in a mid-life crisis. His passion, writing stories, has been elusive for some time now.  That all changes when he goes out on a date with Thalia, the Greek mythogical Muse of comedy.  


Type Right

David Bertran is a good journalist but a bad man. He has libeled truthful people and garnered fame along the way, but he finally pens his final dishonest article and meets his maker. For the first time in his life, he answers for his misdoings and faces an eternal punishment.