Mission Statement

Since the dawn of man, Pan-Dem Incorporated has been dedicated to providing humankind with the highest quality of freedom available, no matter the cost. While Pan-Dem's competitors have often sought to slow or hinder mankind’s progress, Pan-Dem has upheld, and will continue to uphold, it’s eternal commitment in preventing the stagnation of the human race.

History & Goals

Pan-Dem Incorporated is constantly seeking to forge new pathways for the benefit of the human race.  From the advent of Roman plumbing to the development of nuclear energy, Pan-Dem has always been at the forefront of man’s understanding of the universe.

For many centuries, Pan-Dem choose to work its magic behind the scenes nudging mankind in the right direction all the while being uncredited by history and the people that they helped. For quite some time, CEO Samael Morningstar felt the need to keep Pan-Dem's activity a secret due to the negative history the public tended to associate with him and his company.

In 1985, CEO Morningstar decided to rebrand Pan-Dem, and it became a non profit organization. From then on, there were no more “deals with the devil”, as it were, and Pan-Dem started taking on government contracts from around the world changing it into the liberation bureau that it is today.

So what IS a liberation bureau anyway?

Well thats a great question, and a somewhat difficult one to answer.  Pan-Dem is in many ways like a manufacturer, only instead of manufacturing tangible goods or products, Pan-Dem’s employees create freedom.

Have you ever been incapable of doing what you wanted because of physical or even ethical reasons? Pan-Dem employees are equipped to alter the fabric of space and time in order to give you freedoms you never thought you’d have.

Do want to become a famous actor? Or maybe you wish for your country to never go hungry again? Whatever the freedom, big or small, Pan-Dem can supply it. The only question is, how much will it cost?

Hiring Policy

Working at Pan-Dem Incorporated is very taxing on the mind, body, and soul, and as such, long term employee retainment is next to non-existent. What this means is that Pan-Dem is always looking to hire! We accept 90% of all applicants, and a dedicated worker can climb the ranks quickly.